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Hopefully this will be your first point of information before you move permanently to Spain.

The bureaucracy in Spain is still very strong and the Spanish love their their paperwork. The more you have, the happier they will be!

Relocation does not just include packing items together with family in the car and arriving in Spain. You have to remember that you are moving your whole life, so you have to plan for it properly and make sure you know what you are arriving to and what is required both in your home country and in Spain.

Please bring with you:

• Your original passport of the home country
• Original driving license
• Original car registration documents for every vehicle you bring
• E121 for from Pensions House (if you are a pensioner)
• Social Security documents from your home country
• Medical records from your doctor, especially if you have any unusual conditions

It is advisable to travel to Spain first without the full family and luggage, just to get the taste of it. Life in southern Spain is very different to many countries, it is much more relaxed, laid back and sometimes, frustrating when you need things to be done quickly. So PLAN YOUR MOVE well.

Below we list the documentation that you will need in Spain in the order of their application (order may vary according to personal situation).

Document applications:

• NIE number document /Residencia Certificate
• Start vehicle(s) registration
• Town Hall Registration
• Social Security application
• Medical registration
• Baja consular document
• Finish vehicle registration

Please note that there is a difference between an NIE number document and Residencia Certificate, although both do list your NIE number itself. Please contact us if you are not sure which one to apply for – it does depend greatly on your situation and future plans.


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